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Community College Advantages in Global Economies

High School students anticipating graduation worldwide face a dilemma: go to college or not go to college? Students choosing college then must also choose among types of higher education: Associate’s degree or Bachelor’s degree? Should their college be public or private? Local or international? The advantages of community colleges in the current economy, especially for students unsure of their future, include low costs, diversity of coursework, options at graduation, small class sizes, and a smooth transition from high school.

Community colleges are always less expensive than baccalaureate-granting institutions. Tuition and fees are inexpensive and colleges are located close to students’ homes, further lowering the relative cost of attendance. Over 75% of community college students work part-time or full-time to defray costs of attendance and save for future university coursework. Community colleges provide university transfer, vocational, technical, and professional update programs and degrees for all qualifying students. Many employers tailor community college programs for immediate jobs upon completion of Associate’s degrees. The diversity of coursework provides undecided students the opportunity to explore their strengths and maximize the value of their investment in post-secondary education. Community college graduates can transfer to universities, get high-paying jobs, or do both.

For students who want to attend four-year or baccalaureate-granting institutions, community colleges offer general education core courses required for all college majors in smaller classes, leading to increased student success. The low teacher-to-student ratio of community college classes allows students to get the help they need in courses transferrable to universities. Community college class sizes make students’ transitions from high school to college and from college to university less confusing and overwhelming. In the new global economy, community colleges are the best investment for students and parents working toward future success


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